Church of Christ Preacher/Congregational Questionnaire

Paper No. OCCG-031

Benton F. Baugh, Ph.D., P.E., OC Think Tank, Houston

Download the PDF version HERE


Forms for a preacher and congregation to fill out and trade to determine an initial fit before the major time and expense investment is made in an interview process.





Interview process


In response to requests, the following forms have been drafted to assist preachers and congregations in the search and hiring of a preacher.  The hiring process is difficult at best and if reasonable matches are not made, the process has to start all over again.

Either a congregation or preacher can use this form to transmit information, or they can work together for each fill out and trade the forms.  With both sides exchanging information before the meetings, the use of interview and travel time can be used much more effectively.

Some of the questions in the questionnaire may not seem appropriate for all respondents, but we suggest they all be addressed as the answers may give insights into situations, philosophies and/or personalities.

The intent of this form is to have a space for a brief answer.  If a longer answer is appropriate, attach an appendix numbered similarly to the numbers of the questions.

Almost as interesting in trying to draft a questionnaire such as this is the questions you don’t ask.  The questionnaires are intended to be brief and easy to fill out.  No essay or general philosophy questions are asked.  This is not and there will not be a perfect questionnaire for all in the future.  Hopefully it will be of some assistance and will be made better as we go forward.


If there is additional information you would like to be included, notify us at [email protected] and we will add them to the questionnaire for future copies.

***The questionnaire is attached to the PDF version, available for download at the top of this page.