Church of Christ Personal Evangelism Lesson Series

Three different Church of Christ related lesson series are presented  below to support your personal evangelism efforts.  Others will be added when identified.


Personal Evangelism Series

A Church of Christ lesson series of 3 lessons each about 20  minutes long prepared by the OC Church Growth Institute.  They are intended for 3 consecutive personal evangelism encounters, each followed by a discussion period.  The lesson notes with each lesson are the actual words said on the videos.  Click on each lesson or set of notes to download.



2.2 IF GOD?                            VIDEO              CLASS NOTES       NOTE PAGES

2.3 WHICH GOD?                   VIDEO              CLASS NOTES        NOTE PAGES

2.4 WHICH GROUP?              VIDEO              CLASS NOTES        NOTE PAGES

Each Lesson available online here and downloadable for use and copying at no cost.

Jule Miller

The Visualized Bible Study Series

By Jule Miller and Tex Stevens

The Jule Miller filmstrips updated to DVD format.  5 lessons on the Patriarchal Age, Mosaic Age, Christian Age, God’s Plan For Redeeming Man and History of the Lord’s Church updated to DVD format.  Lesson are 40-46 minutes long.  Cost is $169.99.

Click here for website

If  you know of other lessons series which are available let us know at  [email protected].

Personal evangelism is a need for every congregation. It is often hard to engage prospects to start a discussion. This section gives a listing of some resources to assist your members in getting started. Historically, the Jule Miller Filmstrips offered a method used by many. They are now updated to more modern DVD format, while using the same message. This website is collecting other series for you to consider. Each series takes a different approach. Different approaches will appeal to different individuals so a selection is appropriate.
The goal of the Wings of Eagles Series is to develop several approaches. The one posted now focuses on whether God exists as that is a contemporary topic. Others will be posted as completed. You may have a suggestion on a focus. Or you may be willing to post one with a different focus.